One thought on “RAMA medical professionals have just returned from Tomsk Perinatal Center

  1.'Donna Hathorn

    The medical mission trip to Tomsk was a wonderful experience both professionally and personally. The RAMA organization provided everything I needed. They were very organized with the flight details and I felt safe and confident that I would not be left stranded in a foreign country where I could not speak the language. The Russians were very kind and showed concern for my well being. With the help of interpreters, I was able to have a pleasant rapport with the physicians and nurses. The classes I conducted with the nurses were enlightening to me as I learned about their role in caring for the high risk neonate. They listened intently with respect as I shared with them knowledge about enteral feedings and physical assessments. I was able to evaluate how they were applying the aspects of hand hygiene and recognized they hold this practice as high priority in prevention and management of infections. It was especially rewarding to meet the physicians that attended the three webninars in which I participated. I only regret I could not do more, but there was not enough time. This was my first trip to Tomsk, Russia and it was a great privilege, I would definitely go again if invited and time from work could allow.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Donna Hathorn PhD, RN
    Associate Professor of Nursing
    Southeastern Louisiana University
    Hammond, Louisiana


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