“Mastermind” Book by Dmitry Arbuck

Dear all, I am happy to share my book with you. It is liked by many readers and I hope you will appreciate it as well.

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Through easy and captivating reading, this book promotes leadership, self confidence and success in life. You can change yourself; all you need are the tools. Braiding together true human dramas, a gentle introduction to brain sciences, and a set of lessons based on simple mind and body exercises; Mastermind puts you in the pilot’s seat of your life. What you can do for yourself matters more than what medications, gurus, or talk-therapy can do to you. The basic principles of Mastermind, which evolved out of the European pedigree of self-suggestion, are well-known around the world and accepted by the scientific community.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 5.46.05 PMPsychological indoctrination over the past 80 years has shaped a culture of blaming rather than doing. The traditional virtues of practicality and self-reliance are widely overshadowed, or even forgotten. You can take them back; all you need are the tools.

Dmitry Arbuck

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