1st National Conference

The 1st National Conference                                    Presentations from Conference

You know, the first time is always the hardest. Particularly, if you do not know how to start, have never dealt with such matters and know that you aren't going to benefit directly from your time and effort - most people would say, why bother?

I have always wondered why Indians work so hard to help each other but not us Russians. There are already 55 actively functioning ethnic medical associations in the US, but none that represent the former Soviet Union. We the Great Empire offspring for so many years were discouraged to take initiative and encouraged not to show off, to be just a little wheel in the mighty soviet machine. If someone did better than us, we were envious instead of being happy for their success. It is ingrained in us.

But thank God there are people who think differently. Individuals who sacrifice their precious family and professional time for the sake of others.

Revolution, Bolsheviks talked for so long about it, then it finally came to be. Recently the first R-AMA conference took place in Cleveland, OH, home of the founder of the association Dr. Boris Vinogradsky.

Despite a winter storm that blanketed the Central States and stalled traffic in the North East; participants arrived from across the States and Canada. Doctors, nurses, students, lawyers, researchers, people from all walks of medical life were present. Ages ranging from the 20s to 60s, those who came to the land of opportunity 30 years ago, or just a few months ago. All coming together for a single purpose.

Highlighting the conference were informative presentations relevant to issues in today's medical community such as, the malpractice crisis in the US, and insurance concerns for health care professionals.One presentation of particular interest was by the representative from the Continental Group from Washington, DC. He spoke on how Russian medical professionals can inject a fresh perspective into the stagnant US Health Care System. Being that we were trained under a much different system we look at things with a fresh eye, we have the ability to orchestrate change. We even have the right to go to Congress with our ideas, changing the medical system in the US for the better.

It was gratifying as well to see that the big pharmaceutical companies representatives were there, showing that they take us seriously as a a viable Medical Association.

The mission of the R-AMA is to promote cooperation in the Russian-American medical community. Helping patients, students and health care professionals alike. Not only aiding newcomers to establish themselves in the US, but also our compatriots in Russia, helping to improve the miserable medical situation in most parts of the country.

The festivities were capped off by dinner in a local Russian restaurant. Where official ceremony changed to a friendly and relaxed party atmosphere. Toasts, laughter, singing and, of course, our favorite Russian cuisine, a fitting end to a successful conference.

It is just the beginning of a long journey. There is still much to be done.
My hat goes off to Boris for his tireless work and dedication to the cause….
Let us all remember. If we do not help each other, no one will.

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RAMA Forum about the 1st National Conference

Pledge of Allegiance to the flag
Dr. George Muenster, Family Practice, Cleveland, OH

Welcome speech
Dr. George Muenster, Family Practice, Cleveland, OH

Welcome speech

Dr. Ted Nichols, VP Lake Hospital System, Willoughby, OH

Welcome speech
Dr. Steve Combs, OSMA President, Orthopedic Surgery, Cleveland, OH

R-AMA: Goals, Role and the Future
Dr. Boris Vinogradsky, Surgery, Cleveland, OH

Election of the Vice-President and the President of R-AMA

After a brief discussion and voting, Dr. Boris Vinogradsky, general surgeon from Cleveland, Ohio was elected President of the Russian American Medical Association.

Dr. George Muenster, also from Cleveland, Ohio, was elected Vice-president of the Association and President of its Ohio Chapter.

Election of the Board of Directors

  • Dr. Natalia Gorecki, radiologist from Hershey, PA was elected Secretary/Treasurer of the Association.
  • Dr. Dmitry Arbuck, psychiatrist from Indianapolis, IN was elected member of the Board of the Association.
  • Dr. Michael Anikeev, psychiatrist from Marshall, WI - was elected Chairman of the Education Committee of the Association.
  • Dr. Elena Hudson from Houston, TX was elected Chairman of the Health Care Professionals Committee of the Association.
  • Ivan Bespalov, PhD, molecular biologist from Tuxedo Park, NY was elected Chairman of the Research Committee of the Association.
  • Dr. Ivan Alpatov, general surgeon from Voronezh, Russia was elected Chairman of the Informatics Committee of the Association.
  • Dr. Julia Frantsuzov, pediatrician from Cleveland, OH was elected Chairman of the Membership and By-laws Committee of the Association.
  • Dr. Gregory Chernyak anethtesiologist from Cincinnati, OH was elected Chairman of theMedical Missions Committee
Organizational issues were discussed and the Conference adopted amended By-laws of the Association and membership fees schedule was accepted in its current form.

Certificates of Membership were presented to new members: Dr. Ivan Golubka from Toronto, Canada, Dr. George Muenster and Dr. Igor Efimov both from Cleveland, Ohio.

The Most Valuable Person Award for the Year 2003 was given to Ivan Alpatov, MD from Voronezh, Russia.

Conference was followed by a Dinner Reception at the Jubilee Restaurant in Mayfield Heights, Ohio and was sponsored by companies Astra Zeneca, KCI, LifeCell, U.S. Surgical and Endo. The events were reported by Russian newpapers - Russian Magazine and Prospect, by Cleveland newspapers The Plain Dealer and News Herald, and broadcast nationwide by Russian TV RTVi from New York City and Cleveland.

Кливленд — центр объединения русских врачей
статья Михаила Семенова, газета "Русский Магазин"


Presentations from Conference                                   (Back to the top)

New in Treatment of Skin Wounds: The Use of Negative Pressure Therapy  34mb
Dr. Lisa Davis, Plastic Surgery,
Cleveland, OH 

Current Treatment of Dyslipidemia  2mb
Dr. Daniel Weiss, Medicine,
Mentor, OH

The Assessment and Management of Chronic Pain  856kb
Dr. Charles Argoff, Neurology, New York University, New York, NY

Current Issues in Research: Reproduction to Regeneration 41mb
Dr. Vassiliy Galat, Rush University,
Chicago, IL

Malpractice Crisis in the US
(speech not available)
Dr. Dan Cudnick, Plastic Surgery, LWH,
Cleveland, OH

Russian Doctors as a Political Force
(speech not available)
Mr. Jeff Ziegler, The Continental Group, Washington, DC

Protecting yourself, your family and practice
(speech not available)
Mr. Mark Rappoport, Princor Group,
New York, NY


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