4th Joint National Conference

The 4th Joint (RAMA/RADA) National Conference

New York, NY, USA
September 29 - October 1, 2006

A printed version of the RAMA/RADA conference overview

The 4th National Joint Conference Agenda

Opening ceremony

Welcome message, Boris Vinogradsky, MD, Chairman of RAMA Board

Welcome message, RADA Sumareva, DDS RADA President

Welcome message, Igor Mayev, MD, Associated Dean of Moscow University of Dentistry and Medicine, Moscow, Russia

Welcome message, Oleg Yanushevich, DDS, Associated Dean of Clinical Affairs, Moscow University of Dentistry and Medicine, Moscow, Russia

RAMA and RADA Joint Session

The Most Valuable Person Award for the Year 2006 was given to Nikolay Vasilyev, M.D. in recognition of his valuable work as Editor-in-Chief of RAMA Journal Editorial Board. John Hayes, MD, Vice President, Neuroscience, Eli Lilly and Co. The Art and Science of Drug Development in the 21st Century Law and Order: Employment and Covenant Agreements. Ty Hyderally, Esq. Latest trends in professional insurance and benefits programs. The Wealth Planning Group. Alex Glushanok, MBA Merrill Lynch. Claudia Lokody, Vice President, Global Securities and Research. Joe Poy, Director, Business Financial Services. Laurie Kamhi, First Vice President, Private Wealth Advisor. Sally Bliss, Vice President, Private Wealth Advisor. Tatyana Zakharova, Financial Advisor. "How to effectively manage business finances in the current economic environment"

Simultaneous Sessions, RAMA and RADA


  • Partnerships and Medical Work in the Former Soviet Union.
  • IRINE Initiatives in Russia. Lawrence DuBuske, MD, Director, IRINE
  • IRINE: Advancement in Russian Allergy and Immunology. Ilona DuBuske, RN
  • The Power of Contact. Alla Gordina, MD

Health care in for Russian-speaking population in the US and FSU

Understanding and Engaging Russia: Medtronic's vision and activities. Trevor Gunn, Ph.D, Medtronic, Inc Eastern European Medical Society of Minnesota. The first steps and future plans. Elena Polukhin, MD, PhD


Cone Beam Dental CT – a revolutionary 3D x-ray imaging for dental professionals. Ilya Lipkin, DDS Comparative characteristics of new composite resin restorative materials Benjamin Godder, DMD Use of lasers in contemporary dental practice David Poiman, DMD The Common Sense Philosophy of Patient Retention. Mike Massotto Learning sessions (risk management course, table discussions for dental hygienists, staff development courses)

RAMA Scientific Program. Basic Science and Research.

Surgery and OB/GYN

Obstructive sleep apnea Gennady Ukrainsky, MD Vagal nerve stimulation for treatment of epilepsy and depression. Konstantin Slavin, MD Echoes of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident: Rising Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in the Russian-speaking Community in the U.S. Igor Branovan, MD Surgical treatment of spinal tumors Eugene Khavkin, MD

Psychiatry, Pain Management, Social and Behavioral Sciences

The art and science of managing neuropathic pain. Charles Argoff, MD Alleviating the pain and suffering in the elderly: the role of spiritual Support. Rabi Bart Perlman

RADA Scientific Program

  • Outside the box. Victor Zeines, DDS
  • Neuromuscular theory in functional analysis. Micki Gelb, DDS
  • Management of medically compromised patients. Dmitry Tokar, DDS
  • Smoking cessation for the oral health care provider. Professor Gwen Brown, DDS

Simultaneous Sessions, RAMA and RADA

RAMA: Pediatrics

Autism and other developmental disabilities. Gregory Orenbakh, Ph.D. Can Standard Recommendations Hurt? Introduction to the Unconventional Pediatrics. Alla Gordina, MD

Internal Medicine

Dementia prevention Anna Shender MD DO DABIM Common skin problems in primary care. Natalia DiPaola, MD Medmir project Marina Filshtinsky

RADA: Hands on courses

Implant restorations for the beginners. Elaina Vergier, DDS Advanced techniques in implant restorations. Zev Kaufman, DDS

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